Streamlining THR in Pallahara block

By Dhirendra Kumar Sahoo, Block Coordinator

Dhuduriipali is a tagged hamlet of Udayapur village. Udayapur is situated at Chasagurujang gram panchayat of Pallahara block. Dhuduripali is located at a distance of 18 km from the block head office and is 2 km away from Udayapur AWC. There are 63 households and the population is more than 250.

Members of the Angul Pusti Adhikar Abhiyan (APAA) started work in this village during May-June to understand the status of delivery of Supplementary Nutrition Programme under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme.

In July 2019, we organized a community awareness meeting at this tagged village, where we came to know that 17 Take Home Ration (THR) beneficiaries which included 5 pregnant women, 4 lactating mothers and 8 children aged 7 months-3 years were not receiving the accurate quantity of THR. Especially in the case of eggs, they weren’t receiving the correct quantity as prescribed in the guidelines of SNP.

The beneficiaries had no formal information regarding the date of THR distribution. And they weren’t receiving the correct entitlement if they reached the AWC a few days after the THR distribution had taken place.  

After a discussion with the beneficiaries, we suggested that the community members should submit an application with signature of beneficiaries to the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) of Pallahara block. After getting this application signed, we met the Chasagurujang Sarpanch Mr. Sasanka Sekhar Nayak. Not only did he appreciate this initiative but also showed interest to submit that application at the CDPO office. Sarpanch then went to CDPO Pallahara’s office and submitted the application there and also personally informed about the issue to CDPO madam.

CDPO madam took immediate action by sending that particular sector’s Lady Supervisor to inquire about THR distribution in Dhuduripali tagged village. Lady Supervisor visited Dhuduripali tagged village and investigated about this grievance raised by the people. She then met the Anganwadi worker and ordered her to distribute the correct quantity of THR on a regular basis.

Since August 2019, all 17 beneficiaries are getting their THR regularly and are happy because they had taken an initiative to solve their own grievance. A simple act of writing an application helped them to receive their rightful entitlement. This was an effective method for information sharing and strengthening the system to streamline THR at the village level.